Drawing series, working title: Consuming colored pencil on paper, 29,7cm x 42cm

Longterm project, working title: Relief, reform, recover; conceptual / infrastructural project, 2022 -


Solo show and performance, we want me - to want it, KEINRAUM Lucerne CH, 2022

MA Graduation show, Untitled (Loc. Fies 1 was already taken as a title), Centrale Fies in the context of DAI Roaming Academy Dro IT, 2022

Is this about you, about me, about us?, context specific performance and questionnaire; 20min, 2022

What are we holding onto?, context specific performance and objects; 20min and objects 6cm x 6cm, 2021

Group exhibition, Moderne Gefühle Basel, Filter 4 Basel CH, 2021

What are we upholding?, context specific performance, text and objects; 20min and objects 100cm x 200cm, 2021

Group exhibition, Touch of Things, Bagno Popolare Baden CH, 2021

Group exhibition, Årsutställning Malmö, Båghallarna in the context of Malmö Art Academy Malmö SE, 2019

BA Graduation show, Rue du Général-Dufour 2, Grand Tour Arts Visuels HEAD Genève CH, 2018

Act Festival Basel, On est merveilleux, performance; 15min, 2018